I am just going to jump right in.  Writing the back-story of my life is just a waste of time.

Ashburn.  I have moved to suburban Mecca.  My family was living in a nearby community, but the neighboring houses were all turning into short term rental properties.  There were no kids.  We decided we had enough.

It is a nice community, but it is a bit sterile.  For now I am just going to enjoy the novelty.

Housing is not the only new thing in my life.  My wife got a job as a church music director.  She wanted the job at our church of 10 years.  Unfortunately they had other plans.  So now I find myself in a new church.  It is weird adjusting to a two income household.  The money is nice, but there are definitely perks to having someone manage the house.

“New” surrounds me, but this is not a bad thing.  Life can occasionally become like a factory assembly line.  Change is good.

By Ben Posted in Life

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