Christmas Vacation…well at least a couple days off.

Today was unofficially the second day of my Christmas vacation. I was off yesterday, but only because Ethan was sick. We had a nice lazy morning and then went to the air and space museum by our house. While there we watch an IMAX film of Santa vs. the Snowman. It was an awful movie…but it was big and loud. So of course Ethan enjoyed it. We watched the planes come in and out of Dulles International for a while and looked at the space shuttle.

Not a bad day all and all. Jenn’s interview at Crossroads went well. We will not hear if she got the job until after the holidays. We are visiting the church tomorrow to see if we fit in. It should be interesting.

The picture with Jenn and Ethan is the Enola Gay. Nothing like taking a photo in front of the plane that killed tens of thousands of people. Merry Christmas.

By Ben Posted in Life

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