Sluggard Permission

I am home sick today. Well sick is probably not the word. Contagious. I am contagious and at home. I caught strep at my son’s bingo night. I woke up yesterday morning with a fever and a wicked sore throat. Today I am much better, but stuck at home because I am still contagious. It is nice to have a day where no one expects anything from me, but I basically feel fine. So I am looking out our bay window at the last remnants of fall and just chilling.

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to remember what I am thankful for. In no particular order:

  • Jenn: In spite of my crankiness and generally poor mood, she still loves me.
  • Ethan: His health has continued to improve as the years go by.
  • My Job: It is a love/hate relationship, but it pays the bills and more importantly the doctors. I am on a message board for VACTERAL syndrome and a large portion of families dealing with this illness are in bankruptcy.
  • My Church: Jenn and Ethan get a lot of joy from our church. And that which makes them happy by extension makes me happy.
  • Friends: I am constantly amazed that I still have them. I have not really put a lot into my relationships of late, but they still keep coming around.
  • Extended Family: Parents…In-laws…Sister…Sister in-laws…it is all good
  • Paper Mario: That little plumber has given my son and I hours and hours of bonding and entertainment.
  • Music
  • NPR
  • New Project Manager who “gets” the whole family/work balance.
  • Prozac
  • Lunch with friends…my biggest luxury in more ways then one.

I am sure there is more. But that is enough for the first draft.

By Ben Posted in Life

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