Ethan had his annual Physical Therapy evaluation last week. Currently he goes once a week to work on compensating for his paralysis. Well this week they did a reevaluation. They test him on tasks that are normal for his age group. The rating is by percentile of the general population. 100 would be Lance Armstrong, zero is vegetative. 50 is normal half the kids are more physically fit half are less fit. Ethan rank about 55. That is huge. Really HUGE. It basically means that he has found ways of compensating for his nerve damage to an extent that he is no different from the general population. Normal is good.

By Ben Posted in Life

4 comments on “Normal

  1. Hooray for E! I’d like to say that it’s my influence in his life for the last year… that and Super Mario… I’d like to say those things, but I won’t… or maybe I just did.

  2. I’d say “hallelujah” but you’d punch me in the balls.

    I’m glad for the little cuss. And Ethan too 🙂


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