Jed, move away from there!

First things first, I have not blogged in decades. Here are some tidbits about my life before the meat of the entry. I turned 40. I did not die, but I was bored to death. Jenn is applying for a new job, music director at our church. Vacation was busy. Ethan loves crawdad fishing. He loves the new Game Cube even more. First grade is…ugh…more on that later.

So here is the big news. We are selling our house. To this point it my neighbors have been an annoyance. 3 of the 6 houses in my cul-de-sac are rentals. Two of those three are jam packed with migrant workers. Again, major annoyance, but workable (although to be fair, I swore a lot). Then there was the corn in the front yard. Then there was a couch in the front yard. Then my driveway was being squeezed out. Annoy, annoy, annoy…swear, swear, swear

Then a couple of weeks ago, there were tire tracks in my lawn. I am not sure why, but that was the final straw. We had been toying with the idea for a while, but when this happened we called a realtor the next day.

We were planning to leave our house on the market indefinitely until we had an offer. Then the day the sign went up, my realtor came by to put a “coming soon” attachment to the sign. She was out there about a minute, when who should come by but one of my annoyances, Juan. He, or so he says, his “cousin” are very interested in buying the house. We thought it was a lark until our realtor called him back. He is really serious. Our house was not official on the market yet, so she could not take him in or accept a contract. Our realtor suggested we investigate our next house “just in case.”

We looked around several times. Ethan was bored out of his skull. We were figuring we would have to downsize to get into the neighborhood we wanted. And then POW we found a house we love.

We have put a contingent contract on the house we want. Juan is touring our house on Sunday. Now my tune is WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.

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