Not ready for the cart, yet

So I am reading over yesterday’s posting. It makes me wonder how far I am from wearing a sandwich board and pacing in front of the White House yelling, “Then end is near.”

I am not dead, yet. I am feeling much better.

Jenn and Ethan went to the local amusement park with some friends yesterday. They did not get home until 10:30. I had a rare treat of alone time. I did not do much with my time, just watch the news and read my cheesy vampire novel. But it allowed me to recharge.

It is funny, when I was single I craved human contact. Now I crave privacy. Anyway, I got my fill last night. I am ready to resume contact with the humans.

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3 comments on “Not ready for the cart, yet

  1. I had to laugh when I read this. I laughed because it was the same for me. When I was single I couldn’t stand to be alone. Now, with 4 boys, I long for a few moments of alone time. I am thankful for a good friend that allows me to escape life by stopping by his home and simply relaxing with a glass of wine.

  2. I totally understand this. Pre-Zac, living in Reedsport, I missed people. Now, I can’t wait to be alone, even in the bathroom! It’s great to have a spouse who understands this.

  3. Cheesy vampire novels??? which one?? which one???

    I know exactly what you mean about alone time… I’ve had quite a bit lately, since my boys took a week longer vacation than I did. I basically ended up doing a whole lot of nothing worthwhile, which is much the same as when they’re around. I’m glad they’re coming home tonight.

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