1” Tall

So I did something stupid the other day. One of my next door neighbors (the one with 15-20 people) parked in such a way that they blocked the edge of the driveway. I had to cut to the left when I back out of my driveway.

Well I was in a mood on Tuesday when I got home from work and I called the sheriff office to have them ticketed. Two deputies knocked on my door a half hour later. They said that the dispatcher had said that my driveway was totally blocked. They asked me if I had spoken with the neighbor. I hadn’t because they don’t speak English and I was not in the mood for parking charades.

They proceeded to give me the “you are a real dick” attitude. Of course because they were in uniform, I completely caved in (reminds me too much of my dad).

They did ask everyone to move, but I felt like I had just scorched the earth. Meanwhile the county zoning does nothing and now a dead tree is leaning towards my house. I am sooooo frustrated with our county. They treat you like a racist for wanting zoning, parking and public safety laws enforced.

I would move if I could, but my property won’t sell in this market with two flophouses in the neighborhood. I swear a couple of simple steps today will prevent a huge problem down the road. But they don’t want to hear it. So stable families continue to move out of the neighborhood and high density rentals keep moving in. I am sure in ten years they will wonder what they could have done…but then it will be too late.

By Ben Posted in Life

One comment on “1” Tall

  1. I completely understand. At the home we just sold a few months ago, we were the minority in the neighborhood. Literally, we were the minority. Every other person was of the same race. Having said that, we struggled at times because of the difference in musical styles and when it should be played at levels equal to jet planes. My wife (who had more courage than I) called to police a couple of times but instructed them to please not stop by our house. It would make us stand out even more.

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