Like a Flowing Stone

Ah, where to begin. I find that when I blog less frequently, I actually have news to share. Here goes.

Last Monday was the last day of school for Ethan. He managed to complete kindergarten without any major scares. Onward to first grade.

Tuesday was Ethan’s big bi-annual appointment. We used tho have 6-8 specialist that Jenn had to drag him around to. Now we go to a spinal-bifida clinic and he sees a whole slew of specialists all at once. An for the first time in his life, there were no new findings. Knock on wood. Everything is going well. Thank goodness.

Sunday was year 12 of a life sentence with Jenn. We decided to get away for the weekend. We have not been alone together for more than a couple of hours since Ethan was born. We had 28 glorious hours in Culpepper VA. We stayed at a nice B&B. Had lots of good meals, good bow-chicka-bow-bow, and saw two good movies.

We saw Knocked up and Evan Almighty. Both were great movies, though neither film had a super-race of apes take over the world. Oh well, nobody is perfect.

Today Ethan got tested to see if his soy allergy is gone. I am happy to report, it is indeed gone. The test was at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. We left right around 6:30. On the way their, I had the odd sensation that I was about to pass a kidney stone. I had Jenn drop me at my office and Brian took me home. Saw the Dr. I did pass a stone, but it was not painful. It just made me wanna pee for a couple of hours. It appears to have resolved itself. Thank goodness. I have had some hum-dingers in the past.

I suppose that is enough for now…Oh yeah…Ethan is taking swim lessons and attending VBS this week. He is enjoying both thoroughly.

OK, that is really it for now.

Peace out.

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4 comments on “Like a Flowing Stone

  1. Glad to hear the good news about Ethan. I’m going to claim that it’s my influencein his life, not because that’s credible, but it is a coincidence. :p And I could have sworn that when you called this a.m. for a ride home from Reston you said something about an ear infection. Did the doc have any explanation for why there was a kidney stone in your ear?

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