Cuz that’s why

I got to do one of my favorite things this weekend, play tour guide in DC (hint hint). My new cousin, Jo was in town so I got to show her all the sites. I say new cousin, she is actually 45, but she is new to me. Some people may find this amazing, but I have several first cousins that I have never met. Jo, Ivy Jo, was one of them. I met her at my grandmother’s funeral. It was so weird. We had never met, but she looks exactly like my grandmother’s pictures of 50 years ago. Jo has four siblings, none of whom I have met. Of the 19 first cousins on my dad’s side, I have met 14.

Ethan was thrilled to have a new cousin, but then Ethan is thrilled by just about anything.

It was just Jo and I in DC. While Ethan can walk, he tires after about a block of straight walking. So he and Jenn spent the weekend together.

Saturday we went to the Holocaust museum. That is the forth time I have been there. Every time I take an emotional hit. Everyone needs to go to the Holocaust museum once. I hope not to return for a long time. It leaves me too depressed. Not to mention the fact that I see the seeds of fascism growing around the world again. But I will save my thoughts on that for another day.

Yesterday was monument day. We walked all over Arlington National Cemetary, which is no small task in itself. It is built on a steep hill. Then we walked all the way through the monuments to the Capitol. That is a big hike. But you will have to see for yourselves (hint hint).

I got to see a new monument this time, WWII. All I can say is it is over the top. It is a monument on steroids. I think the designer tried to take aspects of all the other monuments and went a bit over the top. Oh well, I guess it WAS a big war.

This morning I am a bit sore from all the walking. And there does not seem to be enough coffee in the world. But my world is a little richer than it was last Friday.

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3 comments on “Cuz that’s why

  1. I agree, Ben. I’ve been to D.C. lots of times – my dad’s famliy is from Baltimore – but I always feel more connected to our country’s heritage and the U.S. as a whole after I visit.

  2. (hint, hint???) We’ve been waiting for a weekend we you guys aren’t busy! You’re the ones with a “social life” after all!

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