What happened in Blacksburg this week was sickening. There is no getting around it. The death of 32 Virginia Tech students has captured the nation’s attention. The nation is mourning a loss. The violence is senseless and evil. There is no doubt about it.

9…Nine is the number of days that more than 32 Iraqi civilians died in one location during the month of March. Two of those days the casualties (in one location) were greater than 100. Many days there were multiple killings at various locations throughout the country. All tolled, the conservative estimate is that 1,978 civilians died last month in Iraq.

Were some of those people combatants? Probably. Were all of them combatants? Doubtful.

Do I know the answer? No. Am I disturbed by Virginia Tech? Absolutely. Should we be equally disturbed by the number of casualties being inflicted in a country we now control? Hmmm.


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5 comments on “9

  1. IMHO, no. We should not be >equallymore< disturbed –(dare I say) outraged — at what is happening in Iraq. If 62,000 American civilians were killed, we would be outraged, I'm sure. But we protect ourselves from it by distance, and it is merely stuff and nonsense on the news. It's happening in another world, doesn't affect us directly, so we shake our heads and turn back to our lattes, doing nothing but complain about the wasted resources and what a shame it is… (she types as she sits on her lazy, judgmental heinie, sips at her coffee and goes back to work in her comfortable air-conditioned cube)…

  2. This is true. In my opinion it goes to show that we still as the United States view ourselves as above other cultures. Their lives are often expendible.

  3. This was exactly what I thought of when I heard about it. I’m not sure I totally agree with you though, Mark. I think a lot of people are disturbed by it in Iraq too, but it is happening so much there, and we feel like there is nothing we can do, it is so far away. Just as the guy at VA Tech was impossible to predict and prevent, how do you predict and prevent it when there are many more psychotics and they are working together. I wish there was an answer. The reality is we are there and in a mess, of our own making, and how do we get out without making it worse, and there may not be any way to stop it. Ask the Israelis, they do all they can, they are pretty much the best in the world at security and counter-terrorism, but it still happens.
    It’s a bad world,

  4. BTW, thanks for the post. It is good to know that I’m not the only one that is really bothered by the media and politician’s attitudes about these things.
    Thanks Walrus

  5. I have said it before…”If you are notoutraged, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

    Why did you just stop with Iraq? Is it only because we (the USA) is involved there? What about other areas around this world where people are being killed, starved and abused? Are we, as a people or better yet as a the body of Christ, outraged by what is happening in Somlia? Are we outraged by what is happening in Sudan? What about the Taleban’s use of a 12 year old boy to behead somebody? North Korea?

    No if we are not outraged, we haven’t been paying attention. We should be crying outto God about this, but do we? Do I? No I sit here drink my coffee and wring my hands. I could do something, I could pray, I could seek the face of the Creator of the Universe. But do I? No, I blow my nose (because of allergies) and stay behind my keyboard. Okay I am convicted now, excuse me, I need to go mow the yard so I can talk to God about this, this is what I can do.

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