Yard Duty

Today was a nice Sunday. It started out with me, the birds, and hot coffee, a very effective combination. Jenn had two choirs singing today so she left early. Ethan and I tagged along a little later. We were a few minutes late, so there was no parking in the lower lot of McChurch. So we settled for the upper lot. I was late and sat in the back. Going to church of late feels a bit like doing time…not in the prison sense…just in the “I wish I were anywhere else but here sense.” The pastor engaged me in conversation after the service, which is no small feat in a church of our size. I think he honest wanted to know how I was doing. I just blew him off. No point his ruining his day.

Ethan and I went to my favorite comfort food restaurant, Amphora. Jenn met up with us shortly after we ordered.

I got home and had planned to go walking, but my walking buddy was taking a nap. That sounded like a splendid idea, so I took one too.

It is finally feeling like spring around here. So after I woke up and gave Ethan the E treatement, I went to Walmart to buy grass seed.

The rest of my afternoon was spent with the family working out in the yard. I over seeded the lawn, raked some leaves and tried to keep Ethan out of the mulch. I was successful at two of those things.

It is now Sunday night and for the most part I am relaxed, just in time to start the rat race to begin again.

This week will only be a four day work week for me. Friday we are taking Ethan to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for what is called a food challenge. His allergy numbers for milk are low enough that in theory he can now eat dairy. But they want us to try it in a controlled environment. We are suppose to bring chocolate milk and ice cream for him to try. I guess if he does not break out in hives, they will certify him as not allergic to milk. I have my fingers crossed. This could potentially open up a lot of foods to Ethan. His only remaining food allergens would be peanuts and eggs.

Saturday we are flying to Colorado to visit my parents. Guilt-a-palooza ’07 should be a wonderful time. It will be nice to see my sister and nephew.

Well that is about it for now. Virtual hugs to all.

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6 comments on “Yard Duty

  1. I had a great nap…well, I would have to rate it good because I still have puss pouring out of my ear from my ear infection. Oh wait, I doubt everyone wants to know that. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a glorious Sunday. I slept in, missed church, and hung out with the fam. I can’t wait there will be a third service at our church, now I can’t make excuses about attending.

    luv ya brother Ben!!

  3. Sometimes a low-key day or two is the replenishment we need. We’re praying for you all re: Ethan’s tests and your GuiltTrip…

  4. I nap sounds sooo good. Jonathon worked both days this weekend so no naps for the wicked, i.e. me. Yesterday the sun arose from its eternal bath and blessed us with its presence. That was wonderful.

    I’m going back to bed!

  5. Son of B! You’re coming to Colorado? How long? We have to get together, even if it is only for a little bit. Let me know if you have anytime at all. I’ll take off work if need be.

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