So now is where it gets hard. The first couple of weeks when I go on a diet, the pounds seem to melt away. Then about the third week, things start to slow down. This week I only lost 1 pound. That is actually the healthy way to loose weight, but it is far less motivating. So hopefully I can stick with it and keep the lbs off.

By Ben Posted in Life

5 comments on “Slog

  1. Hang in there. Remember too, that you’re exercising more, and building muscle… muscle weighs more than the fat you’re losing. You’ll get there. You’re doing great and making good choices; that’s what it’s about in the long run, isn’t it?

  2. Good job, Ben! I’ve been trying to lose weight, too…and gained weight last week! Grrr. Yes, I am building muscle but I don’t have the tools to measure that; the scale is my only resource. This week I’m starting to lose. Don’t give up. Or maybe I’ll have Yoda say it: “There is no try; there is only do”.

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