Roman Messengers

Jenn and I went on a date Saturday. Since I am on a diet, we went to AppleBees…yawn. But then we went to the bookstore. I had a $50 gift card from Christmas so we decided to blow it.

I ended up buying the new Bible paraphrase, The Message. Yesterday I started reading Romans and I could not put it down. The translator did a great job. It reads more like a real letter. At this point I will do anything to try and kick start my faith. We will see if my reading holds up.

By Ben Posted in Life

2 comments on “Roman Messengers

  1. Wow, you are depressed, putting yourself that close to Tammy Faye, even in a virutal sense has got to show serious mental issues.
    Now if you had made yourself Tammy Faye, with some makeup and all, then we wouldn’t be so worried, cause, after all, there’s a little Tammy in all of us!
    Can’t believe I just said that.
    I love the Message, it just seems so clear. It really has helped me in just reading the scripture for enjoyment.

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