…this is only a test…

So Friday was the day of the big tests. Both tested involved inserting a catheter and filling his bladder to capacity. The first test was to ascertain where or not he was capable of emptying his bladder and checking to see if a full bladder caused spasms. The second test was a series of x-rays to see if urine (in this case radio active dye) went back into the kidneys when his bladder was full.

The hospital where the test is done is in the heart of DC. As is usually the case with major metropolitan hospitals, Children’s is in a dicey neighborhood. It takes us about an hour and a half to get there, but that is mostly because of traffic. It is only about 45 miles away.

As we cross over the bridge from Virginia to DC, the Kennedy Center and Washington monument are visible. We go on several surface streets and two traffic circles before arriving. Jenn always drives because I become Mr. Hyde when I drive in DC.

The hospital parking is always a challenge. If you arrive late, they sometimes have to double and triple park cars in the garage. The hospital is an older building vintage 70s. The elevators are slow…cold linoleum floors and tons of white paint.

We arrived early, so we went to the cafeteria for a snack. We got to the waiting room and had to wait about 30 minutes. Our visit coincided with a burn clinic. It was definitely a sobering experience. Visiting the hospital always reminds us how good we have things. There are countless people facing much greater health obstacles.

They finally called our name and we started going back. 10 feet from the testing room, Ethan recognized the room and he went limp spaghetti on me. He was shouting “no” at the top of his lungs. I carried him in and we shut the door. The nurse was excellent and really worked with us to calm him down. It took about 15 minutes to get everything set up and insert the catheter. He cried the whole time until we got it in. Then he calmed down to a whimper. Luckily after the first test was done, the nurse left the catheter in so we did not have to go through that again for the second test.

The second test was an hour late and we were all starving by the time it was over (1:30). We ate in the cafeteria (yum) and headed home.

When we got back in Virginia, we took Ethan to Toy’s R Us and let him buy some new toys.

We had hoped to get the results that day, but we will have to wait. We are hopeful in that the radiologist did say that there was no sign of reflux.

So that is over and we are no worse for wear. Ethan has mostly put it behind him.

Now we just wait for the results.

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3 comments on “…this is only a test…

  1. I can’t even think what to say. You are always in our prayers. I feel so helpless this far away. You and Jenn and Ethan all deserve medals.

    Brian, that is no way to talk about your child.

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