SQL Failure

I should be writing some SQL for one of our esteemed customers, but seeing how I am not in the mood they are out of luck.

It is currently 28 outside. It is, has been, and will always be cold. It will never be warm again. This exaggeration has been brought to you by Prudential. Get a piece of the rock. (though he might beat you up)

I have been in a weird sleep cycle of late. I wake up exhausted…walk around like a zombie all day…then I am suddenly full of energy around 10 at night. I think I have regressed to my teens again. Maybe I am growing, most likely horizontally.

By the way…I am joining Weight Watchers next week. I would have joined this week, but there was a ice storm so it was cancelled. As it turns out that was a lucky break, this is Girl Scout cookie delivery week. I have already downed two boxes of Thin Mints. I know I am a pig. Get over it.

The Oscars are this weekend. The only movie I saw was “Little Miss Sunshine.” Here is my one and only prediction. Peter O’toole will win best actor. I have not seen the movie. I don’t have to. The Oscars are not about quality. They are about who’s turn it is. I call it the Whoopi effect. Whoopi should have won for “The Color Purple.” Instead they gave it to Meryl Streep for “Out of Africa” which in my opinion was a big yawn. I was relieved when Robert Redford’s plane crashed, I needed to pee…I digress. Whoopi should have won the Oscar that year, but she didn’t. So to make up for it, she won for “Ghost”, a mostly forgettable film. I mean really, who would not be thrilled if Patrick Swayze died. I cheered that part…probably inappropriate.

Peter O’toole should have won for “Lawrence of Arabia.” But he didn’t. Now he is due and will likely win. He could have been In “Porky’s 6”, he still would win. He is too damn old to win again. So I predict it right here right now. Peter will win.

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4 comments on “SQL Failure

  1. update virginia_weather_current
    set temp_amt = ’75’
    where (user_name = ‘Ben’
    or user_name = ‘Judi’)
    and user_name.mood = ‘cranky_as_hell’)

  2. It’s 25 out. High of 42 today. 50 tomorrow. Maybe you should move.
    Update Ben set state = Colorado

    Eddie Murphy? Roger Ebert has been smoking crack again. I think Eddie Murphy winning the Oscars is got to be a sign that the end is near.
    Last month I got my movie pass. Because of the company I work for, I can get 4 free movie tickets every day. I haven’t been to one yet. It’s pathetic. I feel so out of touch. I didn’t get any girl scout cookies either.

  3. I agree about Peter O’Toole. They’ll treat it as a “Lifetime Achievement Award” and it won’t be based on the performance of whatever the hell film he was in. It’s okay. He IS old. He’s geezer material.

    We’re headin’ on towards spring out here. I saw snowdrops yesterday. It’s been in the 50s all week, and predicted for the next. I even heard birds yesterday, birds I tell you!

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