Stupid Human Tricks

So there are several things in my life that I find unpleasant. Some I have blogged about in the past. But tonight was something I would put in the top 10…I went to a 6 year birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. It combined several elements I find irritating children (not my own), load noises, and crowds.

Then it went from bad to worse when I got into an argument about ski-ball tickets with a woman and next to Ethan and me. She kept taking our tickets and Ethan was flipping out. I could have done any number of things that would have resolved the situation peacefully, but that was not what happened. We got into an argument with me trying to explain how the machines are set up and her yelling at me in broken English, “No, No, is my tickets.” Luckily it was so loud in there that no one else could here. I got ticket off and just walked away. Ethan was upset about the tickets. But Jenn being the genius that she is just walked on the other side of the woman and took her tickets. Messy, but efficient. Tickets…stupid ski-ball tickets…with 30 of them, Ethan got a toy wand…”Star Rod” from Paper Mario. I got into a argument over a .10 cent trinket. Luckily, I am still Time’s Man of the Year.

I want to live on a desert island…preferably Gilligan’s.

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8 comments on “Stupid Human Tricks

  1. Been there, done that!

    Ben, you didn’t argue over tickets…you argued over your child’s happiness, regardless how that was being defined.

    That’s what parents do. Defend their children’s happiness.

    We are also charged with helping them define that. It’s never easy. But it’s always worth it. Always.

    (I don’t want to admit how much money I’ve spent “winning” those trinkets for my boys.)

    In the end, I have to remind myself why we came. For fun?


  2. Any bee-atch that can look at how cute Ethan is and still take his tickets away is a cold-hearted daughter of Hell and deserves to be taken out. Point me at her! I’ll go smack ‘er down!

  3. There is nothing more irritating than Chuckie Cheese. I do believe that the parent’s meals must include Advil and your choice of medication to make you happy. It is a place that drives me insane. And yes, I still go about twice a year. The joy on my boys face makes the insanity worth it.

  4. Thankfully my daughters didn’t really like Chuck E. Cheese.
    I agree with Tamara, you weren’t arguing over tickets, you were defending your son from being treated unfairly. Glad Jenn figured away around it, that is why we married women smarter than us.
    You may lose out on Time’s man of the year, but I’ll bet you were Ethan’s man of the year for it. He knows.

  5. I love Chuck E. Cheese! Zac can run around like a maniac, playing goofy games. We had his 7th birthday party there. I could just sit for a change. Yes, it gets loud. We try to go early in the evening, before the freaks arrive. But I like the pizza :).

  6. Conflict is rarely fun. Conflict in a hyperstimulating environment is somewhat less so. Next time just challenge the twit to a game of skee-ball. Highest score wins and winner takes all the tickets. 🙂

    Hope that Ethan remembered the fun stuff and not ticket issues.

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