Friday is going to be one of those big days for us. We are going to Children’s Hospital where Ethan will undergo two extremely invasive tests. The purpose of the test is to determine if Ethan can ever control his bladder. We know the answer before we even go in. The tests are merely a formality at this point.

The likely outcome is that Ethan will have to start intermittent catheterization. This is a good news bad news event. The good news is Ethan will finally be able to get out of diapers. While this has not been a problem to date, eventually kids will notice and that would not be fun.

The down side is it is about as invasive as it gets. Until he is able to do it himself, Jenn or I will have to insert a tube for him to relieve himself. This will likely be for the rest of his life. It is just another thing.

I still have some hope that this will not be necessary, but it is fading fast.

Either way, we will survive…I just wish there *was* an easy button.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Hope

  1. My prayers for you are going up at this moment. I know you know it, but even with all of his health issues Ethan is an amazing blessing. I have never seen him beyond pictures, but there is a great light around him. He seems to be full of joy!

  2. Mark take it from an unbaised aunt, he is full of joy! He is just the best! Ben sounds as if we are both in for an awful Friday. I have pre op that day and surgery the first. We are hopeful with you. love ya bro!

  3. I agree, Mark: Ethan is an amazing blessing! He’s inherited his mother’s sweet demeanor and his dad’s intelligence. He’s a remarkable kid, a product of two remarkable parents. In watching you all the past few months, I think all the procedures are harder on you and Jenn than on Ethan, at least for now. He doesn’t know any other way of life. His joy permeates the very air around him, and no one can be with him for any length of time without feeling it. He truly is a blessing.
    Let us know if there’s anything we can do… I haven’t had an evening of Super Mario Cart in a while, so if you and Jenn need an evening out this week, I’m volunteering!

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