The first thing I do every morning when I get into the office is get coffee and water. I was 50% successful today. The other 50% is currently drying off my leg and unfortunately, my crotch. Luckily, it was the water and not the coffee.

Jenn and I went to bed at 10:00 New Years Eve. We were briefly awoken by fireworks at midnight. I said happy New Year and rolled over. Jenn did not respond, because she had run 16 miles that morning and was wiped out. It would be difficult to top our celebration. We live on the cutting edge.

Today I am back at work. This is a do or die week for me. If we fail to get a software release fielded by next week, hundreds of schools will be out of federal compliance, dogs and cats will sleep together, mass hysteria will ensue. Right now things look good, but software development is a house of cards. One wrong move and the whole structure can collapse. I am crossing my fingers.

I watch something on TV last night that really bothered me and of all shows it was CBS Sunday Morning. They were talking about over the top parties. These were celebrations where people spend 6-7 figures on one big event. One of the people interviewed was a 13 year old girl who had a batmitzfa that cost over 100k. I am paraphrasing here, but she essentially said, “of course it is expensive, but I am worth it.”

Contrast that with the money raised by my church for Christmas. The congregations donated 250k to remove mines in Africa and support a free clinic for immigrants.

Here is where I go socialist, so brace yourselves. Why would people spend huge sums of money on one person for one night of frivolity? This is where I argue that taxes are not nearly enough if people can afford to throw the money away on themselves. Sure “they” earned it. But our country’s infrastructure and the world’s resources make that wealth possible.

I am by no means innocent in this regard. I waste not insignificant sums on eating out, especially lunch. I am sure one of my meals could feed a whole school of children lunch in a third world country.

The world is broken. I feel some guilt about that, but not nearly enough.

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10 comments on “Moist

  1. Man, nothing like starting the year off right, eh?
    So many things come to mind. There are so many tragedies that go on in our world. The reality is you can’t fix them all, not because we don’t have the resources, we probably do, but to be honest, sin and Satan won’t let you. I mean, think about it, how happy do you think that 100k made that girl? I would bet it went pretty quick. She needs to have that kind of money spent on her in order to make her think she is special. Very sad. She probably would have actually gotten more enjoyment out of it if she had taken a trip to some poor village in Africa and gave it away. But she, like so many others, is deceived. Just as deceived as we are when we think that money will solve the problems of the poor. I am not saying we shouldn’t help, we should, and we should encourage others to help, and we should give, but in reality, the world is broken, there is one major problem, and only one man had the answer. Unfortunately many people don’t even want to acknowledge the question let alone get the answer.
    The whole thing was brought home to me a couple of years ago by my own girls. We had gotten to where we only watched one show on TV, Extreme Home Makeover. The girls got into it, and it was fun watching people get helped out. But then they started wanting them to come and makeover our house. We discussed several times about why they were remaking peoples houses, but still that greediness crept in. Then there was a show where they helped out this family, I can’t remember why, and the father, at the end, said something to the effect that they had saved his family. But they hadn’t. They had given them a spectacularly nice house to live in, but the big problems they faced were still there, and I realized that the problem was, my girls were getting the message that a nice house was what was really necessary to make life worthwhile. Now I am not saying Ty and crew are doing a bad thing, it is great what they do, but the reality is, what Mark and other preachers, and missionaries, and those from the church that reach out spiritually, have a much greater effect, even when they are just feeding people, because they do it for Him that can really make a difference.
    Well anyway, you’re right, the world is broken. But it is broken just as much for that girl as it is for those kids in Africa, we just don’t always see it.

  2. When you said “moist” I thought you were talking about my sons on our family hike yesterday. they can be quite the drips sometimes.


  3. I agree no one person should think they are worth 100k. Sheesh, that could give wheelchairs to people in other countries or even physical therapy, no one should be twisted…socialist power!

  4. It definitely wasn’t 100,000 that I spent at Disney. However, if you have ever eaten there you know it’s just about that much. Throughout my time, I often thought “here I am dropping 50-75 dollars a meal for my family. How many could be fed that are starving?’
    My only saving grace was the fact that my wife’s dad paid for the whole trip minus the meals.

    I must agree that water in the lap is uncomfortable. If you were wearing jeans it would have been worse…remember how wet jeans can chafe? 🙂

  5. I’m not sure that raising taxes is the answer, although I agree that there is a problem. If we started giving more money to the politicians, they’d waste it on stuff like bridges to nowhere and making sure that their bigwig corporate sponsors were well taken care of. I’m not sure that’s any better than individuals wasting money on themselves.

    How should we encourage generosity? I’m not entirely sure what the answer is to that question, but I think that it begins by being truly thankful for what we have and being aware of what other’s do not have. Once informed, it’s a matter of having the courage to do the right thing.

    Hope you’re staying dry. Peace – Jon

  6. The world is not broken.

    Humanity is as resilient as a cup of water. Whether it’s “safely” contained in our contrived “cup” or released, unabashed, upon laps across the globe, it remains authenticly itself.

    And what is coffee, but water with “tude”.

    It’s not more guilt that is needed. Just, maybe, more “faith” that things will be “right as rain”.

    Happy New Year


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