Ford not Lincoln

Ford is the first president I have any real memories of. I remember all the flack about him pardoning Nixon. I never really understood why until yesterday when I was listening to NPR on the way home. In an interview, Ford said that a Nixon trial would have taken the focus off important national issues.

How wise. Looking back over the past couple of decades, it is clear that the public and the news media get wrapped around sensational issues (OJ and Monica). Ford probably new that pardoning Nixon would create a firestorm, but he did it anyway because he thought it was the right thing to do for the country.

Here is to a life well lived. I raise a nacho to you President Ford.

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3 comments on “Ford not Lincoln

  1. I remember Ford too as the first president I really knew. But I’m sorry, he was wrong. What could be more “pressing” than sending to jail the man who thought he could subvert democracy and maintain control through deceit and subterfuge. Who knows, if Nixon had been sent away for a long, long time, maybe, just maybe, all the corrupt politicians of the time would have thought twice about their corruption. Instead I think it sent a message that your cronies will get you off.
    Other than that he was a great guy.

    Hey, hope you had a great Christmas. Wanted to send something to you sooner, but on Saturday I got as sick as a dog, and am just now coming out of it (praise God from whom all antibiotics flow!) Have a great New Years!

  2. I might disagree with Ford about the pardon, but in other ways he was just what was needed for a little while–a stable, pleasant person with integrity, as different from Nixon in key ways as we could have hoped for.

    If he wasn’t great, he was well-equipped for his presidency’s most important task and deserves a modest but certainly honorable place in our history. He’d rank a bit higher but for his bizarre WIN campaign–wanted Americans to wear WIN buttons (meaning “whip inflation now”) though his anti-inflation program was no more successful than Nixon’s had been. Slogans are not of themselves effective policies.

    Okay, this is getting too poli. sci. teacher for a blog response. Condolences to the Ford family.

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