Poor Excuse for a Blog Entry

Busy busy busy

It is that lovely time of year. No not Christmas, FAFSA. Yes it is time for kiddies to apply for financial aid and for me to test software that will ultimately crush their dreams.

December and January are always my busiest months. Except when I go to church, I totally forget it is Christmas.

It is funny; most kids are climbing the walls by now, not Ethan. Oh yeah he likes getting presents, but he does not go crazy over them. He seems to be more excited by lighting the Advent candles. That suits me just fine.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Poor Excuse for a Blog Entry

  1. With four boys, I’m dreading those days of financial aid.

    On another note…if Ethan likes fire please don’t let him light the Advent candles at my church. Truthfully, I’ve already had one church burn down. And at another church I served the acolyte started the Advent wreath on fire. πŸ™‚

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