Billy Beer

So I am reading a book by Former President Carter on our decaying moral values.


One word comes to mind so far…Wow!  I have never read anything of that depth written by a politician.  He is deeply transparent and quick to point out his own shortcomings.


It is interesting because when he speaks of decaying values, it has nothing to do with the rhetoric of the religious right.  In fact he comes right out and denounces fundamentalism in all religion.  He draws no distinction between Islamic extremism and Christian extremism…it is all a matter of degrees.


This book really resonates with me because it speaks to many of the principles Don Miller writes about in his books.  Too often religious zeal focuses on two issues abortion and homosexuality.  Not that those are not important issues, but the rest of the gospel is pretty much ignored by religious conservatives.


He also goes into depth about his own personal faith.  Did you know in addition to his Habitat for Humanity work that Carter once worked as a domestic missionary in Detroit?  This was AFTER he was a state senator in Georgia.  He has also taught adult Sunday school for most of his adult life, including his time in the White House.


It is really refreshing to me to read a book by someone who really tries to live out his ideals.  I am sure I will have more to say about this in the days to come.

By Ben Posted in Life

One comment on “Billy Beer

  1. He’s a modern day Christian hero. I’m glad you’re enjoying his book. Just don’t read his historical fiction. You may have to chew a limb off to escape.


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