Big Shot

I love astronomy.  The vastness of space blows my mind.


I was on NASA’s web site when I stumbled on to this photo.  It is taken several billion miles out.  That spec is Earth.


It is very humbling.  Everything I know is a spec. 


Yet as insignificant as I might seem from space, the creator of the universe is aware of me.  Not only aware, but knows me better than I know myself.


Just a random thought on a windy Monday.

By Ben Posted in Life

3 comments on “Big Shot

  1. I find the idea of being an insignificant speck somewhat comforting. It makes my horrible mistakes and screw ups seem less critical.

  2. Makes me realize, if Tim *REALLY* liked cobbler, how much he could actually eat… When you say “I could eat all the cobbler in the world? Eh. Not so much…”


  3. Yes, the universe is vast beyond comprehension and inspires awe. God evidently knew enough to isolate on this planet until (and if) we could be trusted with more; verdict still pending.

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