Ummmm…yeah….happpy holidays…great..did you read the memo?…

Ah…back to the grind.  We had a nice thanksgiving.  It was just the three of us and Ethan does not like turkey, so we had burritos! 


We went to the “Hanging of the Greens” service at church last night.  It was a liturgical service…nice enough, but I was not really into it.  The Sunday night dread was already seeping in. 


Judi and Daniel got back from California today.  It was nice having them back.  Sometimes the three of us just bounce around the house like bb-s in a barn.


Our office always does an office decoration competition.  But this year my group has decided to do a movie.  It is going to be a fusion of Office Space, The Grinch, and a Christmas Carol.  Oh, and we might do some work too.  BTW…Judi you are hereby forbidden to tell anyone at work.


Finished my coffee…back to work.

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One comment on “Ummmm…yeah….happpy holidays…great..did you read the memo?…

  1. Great line about BBs in a barn.

    Today I get to teach about California government. This is quite a bit like teaching about concrete curing–the only interesting part is if someone messes it up by falling into it.

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