Something about Mary

I just got back from the “Lunchtime Jamboree.”  One of our regulars came back to work today after loosing his wife of 35 years last week.  It is hard to know what to say to someone who has gone through such a hardship.  So many people fall back on old clichés.  I just try and make myself available.  I hope I am as in love with my wife when I am his age.  That kind of loss seems unimaginable.  Hug your family.

By Ben Posted in Life

One comment on “Something about Mary

  1. Ben you said many powerful words in this short post. One, you are trying to make yourself available. That’s the best a person can do in a time of crisis. Two, I hope I am as in love with my wife…keep nurturing that relationship. It’s hard, as you know, when children come into the picture. Three, hug your family. It’s easy to get misaligned in our priorities and miss out on the family.

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