Who am I?

So I went to visit my Doctor yesterday.  I had my happy pills adjusted.  I know some people wince at the idea of taking pills for depression, but I look at it like a cold.  Would I not take Benadryl because it is manlier to suffer with a cold….um…no.


Here is the interesting question:  What are the spiritual ramifications of taking psychiatric medications?  I mean in any other time in history, I would probably spiral out of control and become a complete ogre.  When I am depressed, I am obsessed with two thoughts: dying and revenge.


Now regardless of your ilk (Christian, Buddhist, New Age, Libertarian {damn revenuers!}), obsession with dying and revenge are not basic tenants of any faith that I am aware of…OK…maybe one…but I am not going there.


So by God’s grace, I have medication that makes me loving, easy going, and thoughtful, attributes that every major religion would embrace.  But is it really me?  The “real” me is the ogre.  The drugged “me” is the socially acceptable one that people like.  


So how does this all play out in the afterlife?  Was my real calling to overcome my demons through prayer and meditation? 


And what of that nasty bitch at work…you know the one…the person everybody hates…is she really doing the best she can with her psychological make up?  Maybe the people who are obnoxious are the real saints because they are struggling with their demons, instead of doping them up.


I have no answers.  All I know is that I cannot even begin to understand the nature of grace.

By Ben Posted in Life

6 comments on “Who am I?

  1. Two things:

    (1) You always blog on Wednesdays. Why is that? I think it’s just kinda freaky.

    (2) We like you to be a happy person. If you’re comfortable with adjusting your god-given pheremone levels to make you a happier person, and making others less worried you’ll go postal, I don’t see the problem with it. Just because you’re a happier person doesn’t make you less “saved by grace”. Neither does it make you any less fallen (due to the taint of original sin). And let me tell you, I can’t believe for a minute that Jenn or Ethan would rather have you thinking about death and revenge, than about them. Do what you need to. On the seventh day God created Prozac, and it was good, and Ben rested.


  2. “And what of that nasty bitch at work” … Please don’t refer to me in this manner publicly… 😛

    I believe in a life of prayer and medication. Look at it this way… would God want you to not give your child medication that helped him get along on a daily basis? Would you stop giving him his nightly enema, because that’s just “a demon he has to struggle to overcome”? Of course not! God has placed us in an age where psychiatric medications are available to us to help us. Who is to say that your depression isn’t caused by the excessive stresses of today that didn’t exist in ages past? God can work in us in a variety of ways, including modern medicine.
    That said, we’ll belly up to the anti-depressant bar together, eh?

  3. Here comes the pastor talking about depression…it’s a pain in the a**. It’s something I didn’t realize I struggled with for quite some time. I believe God gave someone the abilities to understand how the mind works and that sometimes those little chemicals up there need some adjusting. Who am I to argue with someone using the gift God gave them? LONG LIVE THE CREATOR OF LEXAPRO!

  4. I believe everyone has said it great!!! I would definately have commited suicide by now if it wasn’t for paxil. Sometimes your brain needs a break and the things i went through in ’04 (accident, paralyzed, break up, home sick, ect.). God gave the knowledge to doctors let’s use it and furthermore if aomeone is knocking anti-depressants let them walk a day in yours or our shoes.

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