Burn the Puritans

Big heads of Blueturnous, we have a cereal bigger than yours.  Slowly but surely I am turning into that cranky old man that sits on his porch and shakes his cane at the neighborhood hooligans. 


I had to edit a short film for my church.  The theme was “Get on the Bus.”  I spent a number of hours on it and then turned it in.  I was expecting to make a couple of tweaks here and there, but I ended up reformatting half the film.  Any why?  Because I used a track of “Magic Bus” on the movie and the person in charge thought is was too sexual.  I also had to remove the Beatles track of “In the End”…why?  Oh yes that was too sexual too.


Then when I made all the friggin’ changes, they ask me to remove a picture of a short bus, because it might give the wrong impression.  (Yeah, like maybe Christ meets us where we are…or maybe God only wants people who can access the “good” bus)  Anyway I was quite pissed.  Can you tell?


So this incident leaves me with two thoughts.  One…people are really too hung up on sex.  Two…I have been a Christian for most of my life and I am still not a very loving/forgiving person.  In fact, I think I may be a little less loving than in years gone by.  The thing is I am not sure I even care.  This is probably the real tragedy. 

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3 comments on “Burn the Puritans

  1. I still say you should accidentally give them the CD with the original version on it; but, alas, by the time you get this, it will be over. 🙂

  2. Conservative Christians–can’t live with ’em.

    I completely agree about certain people being entirely too freaked out about sex. And, like you, I feel meaner and less forgiving all the time. Maybe we were simply born with extra-effective BS detectors. Either way, telling the truth isn’t the problem; it’s telling it in love that’s so hard.

    I got so tired of it all that I became a Methodist. In your case, in the less-liberal Commonwealth of Let’s Elect Macaca-Haters, your options may be limited to fewer sane people though Brian and Judi are sane. In a sense. If you follow my meaning and we define “sane” in particular ways.

  3. Believe it or not, the video was well received in spite of the short bus. It is a miracle! The bass was way too strong, but I could not have know that ahead of time.

    Most people in my church are not this tightly wrapped. It is just this particular individual. But he came to us from Lynchburg…what can I expect?

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