So I got my annual review today.  It was a really good one.  Actually it is the best review I have ever had.

It is funny; I was quaking during the whole meeting.  When I had to sign at the end, my hands were shaking so badly that I could barely sign my name.  Then for the next couple of hours I kept thinking, “What happens when they figure out that I am a complete fraud?” 

They asked me where I see myself in 5 years.  I hate that question.  I think they want to promote me again.  I told them I have no interest.  I find that promotions rarely yield any gain.  You may get more money, but they are going to exact their pound of flesh one way or the other. 

So for now I am fat and happy.  There are 4694 more workdays until I am eligible to retire.

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6 comments on “3.98

  1. I love that where-do-you-see-yourself-in-5-years question. I always say, “In a yurt, high in the mountains. I’m living on love, off the grid. Why do you ask?”

  2. I love that answer. That is a great answer.
    Although, having spent time in a yurt, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Last March I got the greatest review of my life, all good (though all the previous ones were really good too at 5280). The one minor ding was that “I work too hard”. My question for you is, did they do anything for you? I got a handshake. No bonus, no raise, nothing.
    Did they at least show their appreciation for your work with some lovely parting gifts?

  3. I got my customary 3%. I will be taking my wife out for a celabratory Whopper.

    Our motto is: Not for profit and good at it.

  4. At Aspen, if you were “good”, you got a 4% raise. Five percent meant you were “pretty good”. Six percent meant you really should go home once in awhile…

    IMO, I think Whoppers are very celebratory. Especially the chocolate ones.

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