Bueller Bueller

I am out “sick” today, but I am not really faking it.  I am in need of some down time.  Work has been hectic of late and I just need to clear out my brain.  Since I routinely break the 4th commandment, I thought today would be a great day to make amends. 


I am also getting tested for allergies today.  Our whole family is getting allergy shots so we can get a dog or cat in a few years.  Jenn and Ethan have been getting shots for about a year now.  I have procrastinated getting tested, so today is the day.  I can’t say I am looking forward to it.  Last time I was tested, my arms felt like they were on fire for hours.  I am really allergic to cats and of course that is what they will be testing on me.


As I have mentioned before, I am reading two books on Christianity, A Case for Faith and Blue Like Jazz.  I am starting to feel a little better about my faith in general, but I am still not motivated to get off my spiritual butt.  Maybe having some time off today will help.  I am co-leading a study on Case, it is kind of interesting.  I need to bite my lip more often.  On a couple of occasions, someone has express doubt only to have someone else gloss over it with some platitude.  My natural reaction is to torpedo the platitude and validate the doubt.  I am not sure people are “ready” for my level of cynicism.  I still find it amazing that in spite of all my doubt, I keep slogging through.  In my mind that is the very nature of faith.


They are starting a Weight Watchers group at my work.  I am debating on whether or not to attend.  Every time I go on a diet, I loose a lot of weight followed by an extended period of weight gain and 5 to 10 additional pounds.  I really need to loose weight, but if I were to gain it back, I am dangerously close to the 300 lb mark which is a psychological killer for me.  If Jesus could heal leapers, why can’t he give me great abs?  (I know, I know, I am going to burn in hell for that one.)


Not much going on.  Ethan is still struggling with reflux.  He throws up every couple of days.  Jenn took the brunt of it Monday night.  She was doing the enema and he started throwing up.  The visual was stunning.  His head was in the toilet barfing and shit was flying everywhere from the other end.  It sounds pretty horrible, but we (including Ethan) were laughing our heads off about it last night.  I was a little gun shy doing the enema last night, but thankfully all bodily fluids stayed in there designated locations.  Ethan is getting an endoscope next month to see what is going on.


Well…going to take a shower so I don’t stink for the allergy doctor. 


Peace out.



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11 comments on “Bueller Bueller

  1. So sorry you’re “sick”. Hope the allergy testing goes well. I also hope that all the cat hair that’s in my and Daniel’s suitcases don’t drive you all to itchy, sneezing attacks.

    For the record, if given the above choices, I’d rather be the one projecting bodily fluids than the one on the receiving end. But let’s hope it never comes to that! 😉

  2. You’ll need to take off Friday, a bit after lunchtime-ish. Trip to the airport in your future.

    So don’t use all your vacation time at once.

    For the record, we had children who once were small, but now are large. And I’ve been fluid-ed and solid-ed on, several times.

    Better Exorcist than Shitsorcist, I always say.


  3. My children have learned not to puke in my presence, they have learned that if they puke, I puke. I just can’t help it.

  4. Reminds me of being awoken by four-year old Daniel, who was standing at the side of my bed, his face about 10 inches from my face. Two-year old Alex was in the bed right behind me, so I couldn’t move backward for fear of squishing “the baby”. Daniel creeped into the room, and I woke up when he said, “Mommy, I fink I’m gonna frow up.” I barely had time to open my eyes, see that he was literally in my face, and register what was about to happen before he barfed all over my face. A few minutes later he learned the lesson of throw-up-in-the-toilet-THEN-go-wake-up-Mommy.

  5. The first time my kid threw up, he looked at what he just hurled onto the ground, looked at me, and then feverish with tears rolling down his cheeks he said in a small weepy voice, “Why?” He just did not understand why he did that, or what it was.

    Now he calls it Cuke. “I think I’m gonna cuke!”

  6. Hey, do allergy shots really work? I mean, if you took em for a while, you could actually get a dog with no ill effects?

    This reminds me of joke: What does an dyslexic, agnostic insomniac do? They stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog.

  7. I’d rather get pooped on and with four boys it has happened. I would rather be pooped on because at least then I don’t have to lose the desire to eat whatever my child has just eaten. It reminds me of two years ago when my then 5 year old ate a biscuit before going to school. I was called to the school becuase he was complaining of being sick. I got there in time to see the teachers debating what he had eaten. I didn’t eat a biscuit for over a year.

  8. Completely bizarre thought…has anyone noticed that the 7 cheese or whatever sauce that is on the latest Olive Garden commercials looks like vomit?

  9. LOL Talon…that’s hilarious about the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac!!!

    I am not agnostic, but I’m always “considering” the various concepts of “dog”.

    After all, “God” is “Dog” in the mirror’s reflection…eh?

    Ohhhhhhhh the humors of this life.

    When in doubt, Ben, ask dog. (in spite of the allergies)


  10. Defintely vomit. Zac was a real chunderer. He’d spit up whole bottles. On me, on himself, on the brand new carpet…Ah, memories. Nothing like changing your clothes 3 times in one day.

  11. Vomit. Although either occurence would make me want to hurl by own wheaties, the nastiest part is cleaning it up. At least vomit is mostly liquid. Uggh. Even the thought of it makes me ill.

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