Buy buy Christmas

I was in Home Depot this weekend.  They had already put out the Christmas decorations.  I was a little depressed. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas as much as the next guy.  Since I began celebrating advent, Christmas has become more meaningful to me.  And yes, I like the decorations, the lights, the cards and the general spirit of the season.  But I hate all the baggage that comes with the holiday.  I hate the stress of trying to find everyone that “perfect” gift.  I hate office gift exchanges.  I hate feeling the pressure to fly somewhere to celebrate with family.  Most of all, I hate that our economy depends on people overspending at the end of the year.  I know there is nothing I can do about it.  For the most part I ignore it.  But this weekend I was caught off guard.

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2 comments on “Buy buy Christmas

  1. Ben, I saw Christmas decorations in a store I was in yesterday too. I had the same responce. Actually, it pissed me off.

    I’d like to enjoy the seasons as they come around. Not be “marketed” into them.

    I never could understand why we don’t celebrate all the meaningful things we do at Christmas time, all the time.

    But that’s me. I’d rather express my joy for life everyday than hold off for a certain market.

    I am “religiously ignorant” but wasn’t there something about Jesus turning over the tables in the market?

    It’s all so confusing to me.

    Be well


  2. See, I guess for me, I kinda like it. Here’s why.
    1) It extends the Santa Claus is checking to see if you are naughty or nice guilt trip season.
    2) I can get the kids thinking about what they are going to buy me early on.
    3) People don’t think it odd that I have my Christmas lights up in October. {They may even forget that I had them up pretty much continuously since Christmas. 2001.} Eventually they will sell Christmas stuff year round, and everyone will think that it is normal to just leave the Christmas decorations up all year.
    4) For years my wife wouldn’t shop until a few days before Christmas. Now, with Christmas decorations going up so early, I can get her to go shopping a week or sometimes 10 days before Christmas.
    5) Grandma got run over by a reindeer still cracks me up, even after the 102nd time. Really.

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