What ever happened to the Walrus?

I think my muse was killed my an imp in the Runescape world.  I have not been too active in the 360 world of late.  So here are just a few lines to update you on my life.

I took the family on a short vacation last weekend.  We went up to the “mountains” in Luray.  We rented a little cabin.  Ethan thought it was really cool to have a new house.  We explored Luray Caverns and the gift shop.  Oi vey!  We went up to Skyline drive and went on a couple of hikes.  Ethan really surprised me.  Because of the nerve damage in his leg, he has low muscle tone, but he kept up with us.  We also did a hedge maze and a mirror maze.  The hedge maze was really cool.  The mirror maze was a novelty rip off.

On Sunday, we came home and picked up Judi at her hotel.  Ethan was a bit shy at first, but after about 10 minutes, he and Judi were thick as thieves.  It is funny, there are just some friends that you can not see for 5 years and when you are reunited, you pick up like it was yesterday.

Judi interviewed for a job at my company.  So far all signs point to “yes.”  We are all on pins and needles.  Jenn and I are dying to have friends that are not engineers.  Not that there is anything wrong with that. J  But I have a good feeling about this.  I rarely have a good feeling about stuff like this.

Work is work.  Some days I feel like Scotty.  They ask for the impossible and somehow we always manage to get the warp engines back online.

Fall is in the air.  I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning.  It was still dark at 6.  The temperature was a crisp 65 in the house.  The shower felt great because it was warmer than the ambient temperature.  Showers just feel better in fall and winter.  I am perpetually hot, so when the weather breaks, my body just functions better. 

I am still in the spiritual blahs.  Being in nature helped, but I am still mostly ambivalent.

That is about it.  I look forward to some of my 360s buds becoming Earth friends.  For the rest of you, Washington is gorgeous this time of year and I have a guest room.

Peace out.

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6 comments on “What ever happened to the Walrus?

  1. Glad to see you back. I hope the rest helped. I’m still praying that God will be made real again to you and your spiritual life will be reinvigorated.

  2. I’ve got just the thing for your spiritual blahs, it just came to me, I’m assuming it was God, speaking to you, through me. At least I like the sound of that, better than thinking I am hallucinating again.
    Anyway, here it is. I think you need to trust God more. You need a faith building experiment. I think you need to donate all your clothes to charity, and then trust God to provide you with what you need to wear each day. Doesn’t that sound like a faith building experience?
    Should be invigorating both spiritually and physically, especially this time of year!

  3. Interesting faith building exercise. I might have to do this with my congregation. I wonder what the Bishop would have to say about that? How would that impact my relationship with the Annual Conference?

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