Magical Mystery Tour

So my life has been pretty boring of late.  I am not complaining boring is good.  I am not sure I would want things to get exciting again.  Thankfully, my subconscious more than makes up for the lack of content in my daily life. 


Last night I had two rather bizarre dreams.  Purely by luck, I remember them both.


In the first dream I am somewhere in California.  I am a passenger in a car driven by my uncle.  My sister-in-law is the other passenger I recognize, but the car is full.  We are driving on a mountain highway.  It has twists and turns like highway 17 in Santa Cruz, but it has more lanes with a wide shoulder. 


We get stuck in a traffic jam.  We are at a complete stop.  My uncle gets impatient and pulls off the road and starts driving on the shoulder.  People are flipping us off and shouting obscenities.  Then we come up on the source of the congestion.  There is a horrific accident with 15-20 cars.  Cars are burning and bodies are strewn all over the highway.  The injuries look as though they are out of a movie.  People are covered in blood, burns and road rash.  Several people have compound fractures.  All of them are disabled and reaching out for help. 


My uncle (a doctor) expertly drives around and between the bodies.  The accident covers several hundred yards.  The victims shocked at our callousness.  We get to the end of the pileup and we start to drive away.  A bloodied but ambulatory victim starts throwing road debris at us and shouting obscenities.  I look to the driver but my uncle is no longer driving.  Now my sister-in-law is driving.  She is going at a snails pace and I beg her to just gun it.  The man continues to throw mud and debris.  I have to go to the bathroom and I wake up.


Second dream:  I have to return to Bethany as a student.  The school has come into a great deal of money and has remodeled the entire campus.  Of course the style is over the top rococo.  There are marble floors everywhere with Persian rugs.  There are statues of “saints” all over the place.  Running water and fountains are everywhere.  I have to get my mail.  The post office is in a multileveled tower that can only be accessed by ladder.  Once I get to my level, I have to crawl into a 3’ tall crevice and open my jewel encrusted mail box.  I am hoping that The College Board has sent me my Blackberry cable so I can blog, but it has not come in.


The students are putting on an air band competition.  Everyone wonders where I have been the last 20 years and they beg me to do a stand up routine at the event.  Thinking this is utterly ridiculous, I flee for my dorm room. 


I cross through endless gardens and over babbling brooks finally getting to Burnett Hall.  I go in the front entrance.  The stairwell has been replaced with a rotating spiral staircase, not unlike Harry Potter.  The dorm is a maze of rooms and I have great difficulty finding my room.  I go down a long hallway and I stumble onto an Episcopal Church.


Services are just letting out and I ask one of the ushers if they ever do the morning office(out of the Book of Common Prayer).  He replies that they do all of the offices plus 6 services on Sunday.  For the first time in the dream I am excited.  They tell me I can attend the church instead of going to Bethany’s chapel.  A service is about to begin and I decide to attend.


The sanctuary is quiet and dignified.  Several people are silently meditating while waiting for the service to begin.  The acolytes come in with the candles.  The priest comes in and does the invocation.  She asks the congregation to rise for the first hymn.  I feel right at home and feel that I have found my new niche at Bethany.


Then the hymn starts and Jenna Cook comes to the platform with a wireless mike.  Suddenly a loud worship band starts playing and a Pentecostal worship service breaks out.  Jenna has a mechanical dog on the platform with her.  Every time the dog does a flip, the entire congregation jumps and waves their arms.  All is lost.  I wake up.

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10 comments on “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Consider yourself lucky. People pay good money for drugs to make them have dreams like that.

    I like the idea of the mechanical dog though, I am going to try and find a church with a mechanical dog.

  2. I’ve had many Bethany dreams myself. Can Jenna sing? Or is that part of the nightmare. Last I saw her she was 12.

  3. Interesting dreams…they beat my dream of being mauled by lions on Saturday night. That’s my recurring dream for about 10 years now. Every month of so, I dream that I am trapped in a hotel. The only way out is down the steps at the other end of the hall. Of course there are lions prowling throughout the area. Everytime, I end up trapped in an unfamiliar room knowing it’s not where I belong.

  4. Lions huh? How long have you been a pastor? I think I may have an interpretation for you.

    Ben, you’ll have to send it elsewhere. Grantster and company are no longer talking to me.

  5. Jenna can sing fairly well (for that worship chorus style of music). She and hubby Ben(yes, she’s now married with at least one offspring) are music pastors at a Presbyterian church up in Menlo Park, I think. At least they escaped the A/G! I’ll have to check on the mechanical dog, though…

  6. I had a dream the other night, where Bethany was like a bloody wreck on highway seventeen too…

    Wait. That was real life. Easily confused….


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