Well, I have successfully circumnavigated the sun again.  Today at 4:27pm Mountain time, I will be 39.


While this year has had its share of bumps, I consider the cyber 360 world to be one of the most positive changes in my life.  Every morning I look forward to the moment my computer completes its 10 minute reboot cycle and I can begin checking in on my friends.  Some of you I have known my entire life and some of you are relatively new additions to my life menu, but I am grateful for each and every one of you.  Friendship is one of the greatest blessings of life and I love you all.


Thanks for peeking in from time-to-time.



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8 comments on “Geezing

  1. Happy Birthday. I remember 39. It was kind of a “eh” birthday for me. You KNOW the big 4 0 is right around the corner, but you are still in your thirties, so it’s not too bad. LOL

  2. Happy birthday Ben – have some cobbler!

    When I turned 39 I noticed a decrease in eyesight and an increase in hair-loss (on my head only, it actually increased in other places) I hope you don’t receive those presents for your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday man. Hope it is a great one. I hope you don’t feel as old as I do.
    It’s always been great having you as a friend. To this day when someone says “best friend” your name is the first one that comes to my mind.
    Have a blast.

  4. Hope your birthday was great. My wife turns 30 this next week. Having passed that mark several years ago, I’ve been teasing her. It ain’t easy getting older…but as one 88 year old man in my church says “it beats the alternative.”

  5. Happy belated birthday, Ben! I hope you had a great time. I’ve heard you can “make the sun stand still” at this age forever. My stepmom picked 29, but to each his/her own :).

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