Producing good works

This morning when I got to work I was a little groggy.  I was having trouble engaging in work.  But then I saw the apple.  I meditated on the apple while consuming my first cup of coffee.  Miraculously I perked up and now I am fully alert.  It is a miracle.  Deity manifest in produce.


I do not want to be selfish.  So I am willing to share my apple with the world.  For the low low price of $700, I would be willing to part with this relic.


Miracles do happen!  Happy Thursday.

By Ben Posted in Life

6 comments on “Producing good works

  1. and really, it’s worth so much more than $700. I’m sure that the coffee had nothing whatsoever to do with your being alert. It’s a miracle apple.

  2. You could so market this in an informercial! It could be the MirApple! Yes, for only $19.95, you to can achieve enlightenment, pure joy and a clean colon.

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