Another Stupid Human Trick

This weekend I was out in the yard barefoot watching Ethan and filling the bird feeders.  Ethan asked if he could ride around the court.  I told him yes, but there was clearly a breakdown in communication.  He went tearing down the court and down the sidewalk of the cross street.  I was barefoot, but I had to chase him down because I could no longer see him.  Problem is the pavement and sidewalk was the temperature of magma.  I caught up with him at the end of the block, but the damage was done.  My feet are fried.  I am clearly NOT a hobbit.


Jenn and I rented “Willy Wonka” this weekend.  Say what you will about Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  They are a bit peculiar, but the movie was visually stunning.  Too bad I am not a big fan of the story.  But it was fun to watch.


We taught 4/5 year old Sunday school again.  It went pretty well.  Jenn is a really good teacher and I am a decent enforcer/distracter.  The story was about being thankful.  We used the manna/quail passages from Exodus.  I think maybe two of the kids were listening.  The rest were in their own little world, but quiet.


My sister phoned over the weekend.  We had a good talk in spite of the fact that she is ticked that I am not visiting this summer.  My family seems to think I have endless resources.  When I say I cannot afford to come out, they automatically assume I am lying.  Oh well.


Back to project planning.  Happy Monday.

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6 comments on “Another Stupid Human Trick

  1. Sorry about the feet. Can I say that I’m glad you, and not *I*, are the one to be teaching sunday school to the pre-k set?


  2. I liked teaching the 3s better. They said the most outrageous things. We had to fight hard to keep from laughing.

  3. Funny thing, my wife volunteered to teach the pre-k group at our church. I of course am part of the deal. I like kids, but there is something about that age that just makes you think “cattle prod”
    Get some aloe vera on those toosties, it will fix you right up.
    Oh and get a walkie talkie for the kid’s bike, so you can call him up.
    How do you know that your family thinks you are lying? I would think your sister at least could figure it out, all this medical stuff and time off ain’t free. Sorry about that. If you need me to go slap them, I can. I’ve decided that is my spiritual gift, corporal punishment in the spirit.

  4. I don’t know what would be easier. I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Kindergarten class of one of my twins. It was interesting trying to complete an art project that required each child to put one hand on an ink pad. I can tell you this much I will not wear a white shirt next week when I volunteer.

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