What color is Lynn Russell\'s hair today?

One of my projects deploys today.  Just a short 17 hour day and then I am out of here.


In other news, it is hot.  Just thought you would want to know.  Actually in my office it is currently 68, some people have space heaters on.  Ah, climate control.


Nothing exciting to blog about today.  Last night I went home and barbequed Greek turkey burgers.  Read Newsweek (Turns out there is a war going on) while Jenn did “the procedure.”  I gave Ethan a bath, read him a story and put him to bed.  Watched Stargate SG-1, read Harry Potter for a couple of hours, and fell asleep to the news (Fox ugh!).

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6 comments on “What color is Lynn Russell\'s hair today?

  1. Truly sorry about you having to fall asleep that way. What happened- did it just sneak up on you, and it was out of your control?

    How’s Harry holding up?


  2. Fox News is a choice. Just say no.

    I’m having lunch with Judy Brown today. We will talk about you, Ben (and Jenn, and also Brian and Judi and Vic–but mostly, we’ll talk about our relatives).

  3. It is the only “news” on at 10. Where else am I going to find out about the murders in DC and “newz u can use.”

    My choice is that or reality TV.

  4. Oh, and Hermine is totally stoned…no really. I am not sure I can finish it though…it is too sexual what with secret chambers and snakes…she is NOT fooling anyone.

  5. Where do you get greek turkeys? Are they better than American turkeys? Turkey farmers of Virginia are going to be picketing you pretty soon.

    You are confusing your thexual fantathies with the HP books again.

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