Pop Corn

Last night I downloaded Sheryl Crow & Stings new song, “Always on Your Side.”  I classify it as a love song even though it is really about love lost. 


As I am at the later part of my 4th decade I find that, I hate most pop songs.  But every now and again a song just jumps out at me and joins the archives already crowding my head meat.  I was driving home listening to the song.  The words did not really relate to my current circumstances, but the music just really moved me.  I found myself feeling really grateful.  I have a lot of crap in my life, but I have even more good things that mitigate the pain.  Though I still have dark moments, I am happy most of the time.


It is funny how a “silly love song” can reframe your whole perspective.  I suppose given the state of the world I should be in mourning.  But I choose to enjoy the run time before my program abnormally terminates.  Who knows, maybe I am WAD (working as designed)….





PS Stryper rules


PSS Not really

By Ben Posted in Life

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