Poor Quality

So my friends kid saw on the news that there was an outbreak of mumps in Ohio because kids had not been properly vacinated.  He was so concerned that they weren\’t getting their shots that he wanted to make a public service announcement.

We shot this before surgery hell and it has been sitting on the shelf for months.  When I finally started working on it I had problem capturing the video and Ethan erases the original.  So this is the very definition of shoddy.  But hey it got Madden off my back.  Enjoy?


By Ben Posted in Life

2 comments on “Poor Quality

  1. Wow! I had the mumps in 2nd grade and missed 2 weeks of school. Mumps sucks! If you get it when you’re an adult, it can make you sterile. You could save thousands on birth control! But I think your public service message gets the word out nicely :).

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