Maize in Suburbia

I am on a deployment call.  Basically we are upgrading one of our websites and I have to hang on a three hour conference call in the unlikely event that my services are needed.  My toes are positively tingling.


Today I am on the brink of breaking 10,000, Happy Birthday to me.


Day four of my experiment has begun.  I shaved off my goatee and I am experimenting with not shaving the entire week.  I am currently at the Michael W. Smith phase, so far so good. 


Tonight is boys night out, so I am pretty stoked about that.  Chicken wings, beer, and Super Ex-girlfriend are on tap.  Tap…beer…get it.  Oh never mind.


In other exciting news, my neighbor is growing corn in his front yard flower garden.  One of the stop signs in my neighborhood was tagged.  Oh and there was a drive by shooting 2 miles away from my house.  I am trying to decide whether to join the Crips or the Bloods.  I am leaning towards the Crips because I like blue.


I read on the news that Al Qaeda is calling for a holy war on Israel.  Stephen Colbert is giving out “Welcome Back Jesus” tee shirts.  Why did I read the news?  I am a glutton for punishment.


I need lunch…well need is debatable…I am going to lunch.  Happy Thursday!

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7 comments on “Maize in Suburbia

  1. What you need to do is get on the list of people there at the bottom of the page. I went to one site, the guy was getting 10,000 a day!

    Guys night out. What a lovely dream. Really though you should be seeing something more, well, manly or something, say the Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland or something.

  2. Soooo, it is the 1st anneversery of your 39th birthday huh? Well happy un birthday to you.
    So your neighbors have corn in the front yard? I used to know a guy whose parents had this awesome rock garden out front.

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