Melba Toast

I had a nice weekend.  I finally got my mower back.  They had to swap out the carburetor because the old one was full of gunk.  It was two days too late though.  I had to pay a landscape company to mow the lawn.  Actually I am glad.  It would have been a real pain to mow with a non-commercial mower.  So I got to kick back instead.


Jenn and I rented the movie, “Garden State.”  It was written, directed, and stared the guy who play Dr. Dorian on Scrubs.  I *really* liked this movie.  The guy plays a mediocre actor who is taking a ton of psychiatric drugs.  He spends most of the beginning of the movie in a haze and then slowly comes out as he stops taking the meds. 


Sunday after church, I started editing a movie that I made with Ethan and some of his friends.  I ran into major problems when I tried to add music.  The stupid software kept GPFing.  I think it was because my hard drive is totally fragmented and it could not find enough contiguous space to save the huge AVI file.  Bored yet?…


I like working on home movies when I don’t have PC problems.  When I do, it feels too much like work.  At the height of my frustration, I snapped at Ethan and sent him upstairs.  He cried for an hour.  I told him I was sorry.  He told me his feeling would be hurt until 9:00.  Sure enough this morning he was happy as a clam.  I should schedule my emotions.  It is very efficient of him.


I have stopped watching the news.  I don’t really miss it.  Wake me in ’08.


Church was cool yesterday.  One of the associates preached.  She preached on Joseph.  Her outline was very similar to the one I used a couple of years back.  Still enjoyable though.  My friend Stephen and I are going to lead a small group this fall.  I wanted to do the whole Wesley group thing.  He wanted to do, “A Case for Faith.”  We are doing, “A Case for Faith.”  I am too tired to argue. 


I wish I had something funny to say, but I have been feeling unfunny of late.  Just a mood I guess.  Maybe I just hit the age where I am suppose to be dull.  Anyone joining up with AARP? 


I need a nap.

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3 comments on “Melba Toast

  1. You should have borrowed the neighbor’s mower. They love that.
    My kids are finally old enough to mow the lawn, but now I have a lawn that takes a riding mower, so I feel kind of jealous.
    I think blogging may make you boring. I was looking back through my first blogs, and they were fairly funny, and then everything just sort of became boring. You lasted longer because you are funnier.
    But don’t stop blogging, we’re all boring now, so we enjoy it.
    Except for Brian. He still has ideas.

    Oh, and I think you should be flattered that she plagiarized you. Though I must say, women preachers are the tool of the devil.

    Be glad Ethan isn’t a girl. She wouldn’t be talking to you for a month. And they don’t just not talk to you, they plan ways to make you suffer.

    Ok, I am done now.

  2. Ben, you aren’t boring! Maybe it’s just the heat. My dad always used to say, “Christians are never boring.” I remember thinking, Riiight. Somehow we lost that gene during the salvation process.

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