Not dead…


I have two annual projects shipping in the same month.  They are trying to kill me.  Plus they are cutting into valuable blog time.

I just finished the first Harry Potter book, again.  It is amazing.  No matter how often I read JK, it is still fun to read.  I think everyone can relate with being special but undervalued.  It really strikes a cord.

My neighbor is growing corn in his front yard!!!

My mower broke again.  My back yard needs a hay bailer.

Had to tell my parents I am *not* coming out to visit.  That went over well, not.

I just got a Barry White album.

One of my TnT friends is getting married this week.

One of my good friends from Brown University just got hired as a VP at my company.

I ate lunch at Clyde\’s.  I recommend the Buffalo Chicken sandwich.

I am behind in life.

More when I have time.


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3 comments on “Not dead…

  1. Not quite dead… he’s getting better!!
    Sorry life is hectic for you, Ben! Hope things slow down soon. How ’bout next time, we trade parents when telling them we’re not coming out for a visit. Much less guilt thrown about that way…
    Take care!

  2. Hectic lives. What to do? Don’t know. Even when I’m not working my life fills up with obligations. It’s a full-time job just being alive. Plus, in your case, you have launches, just like NASA though with less loss of life. Hang in there; I’m playing the lottery and I mean to win, and if I win, all my friends win. This ramble has been brought to you by way too much coffee.

  3. Corn!!! I want to grow corn in my front yard. We have the proverbial “neighbors from hell” next door who have accused us of “infecting” their perfect lawn with “bad lawn”.

    My solution??? Corn !!! After all, it is a type of grass. (I did a lot of research on grass during the whole accusation phase of our neighborly feud.)

    I just haven’t built up the courage to plant it yet!!! 😛

    The local crows would love it. Hmmmm…more justification….she runs off to buy corn.

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