Fire is good

When I was a kid I had a juvenile delinquent phase.  We had a creek that ran through my neighborhood.  All the kids would meet at the creek to hang out.  We would race boats, catch crawdads, play hide and seek and in my case start fires on the bank.  Most of the time, I would start a fire and immediately stomp it out.  But one occasion, I burned about a 1/8 of an acre and almost caused real property damage. 


My parents beat me within an inch of my life and I refrained from my pyromaniac ways.  My dad thought it might be good for me to have a hobby.  So he bought me a camera.  A couple of months later, I was caught stealing film.  Nice.  This went on for a couple of years and then stopped suddenly.  I am not quite sure why I stopped.  It might have been Jr. High.  It might be that Kevin and I started hanging out.  But for the most part, my stealing days were over. 


I bring this up only because there are times I am convinced that I live a charmed life.  It was not moral fiber or inner strength that reformed me.  I just more or less grew out of it.  A couple of years ago I found out that one of my “partners in crime” had done hard time.  Todd and I had similar backgrounds, similar parents, we went to the same church, and we both started getting in trouble at the same time.  But I snapped out of it and he just kept doing it.


It is just another one of those weird things.  Several times in my life, I have skated on the edge of disaster but at the last minute things just worked out.  I was a terrible student all through school, but somehow I graduated from college.  I smoked in high school and college and then I just gave it up.  I drank heavily after college and then I just stopped.  I think I just may lack the commitment required to be pathological. 


Anyway my rambling thoughts for the evening.

By Ben Posted in Life

5 comments on “Fire is good

  1. Too lazy to be crazy eh?…or …is it “enlightened lethargy” ??? Who’s to say… (she whistles to the wind) 😛

  2. Well, maybe you got all the enjoyment out of it that you could and then moved on. Kinda like using up the “fun” on a toy, perhaps?

  3. I wish I had a better comment. Judi’s the pyro in our family. Maybe she’ll have something nifty to say.

    I managed to avoid prison as well. I am a man of constant sorrows. Must be this pomade.


  4. Dapper Dan is a consideration, however, the Improbability Drive is another. Contemporary folklore abounds here, at least for my age group. d:c)

  5. Never underestimate the power of a good hair jelly or for that matter a whale and a flower hurdling through the atmosphere.

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