Whew…it is hot as Hades.  The AC in my building is out and the windows are sealed.  Climate control is not all that it is cracked up to be.


I finished the Da Vinci Code over the weekend.  Overall I thought it was a OK book.  It reminded me a lot of Arthur C. Clarke’s books.  Not in style or content, but that there is this huge buildup with an eh…ending.  I was hoping for an ultimate twist at the end…instead it kind of ran out of gas.


I can understand why some conservatives get their panties in a knot over the content.  But really there was nothing that Earth shattering in the book.  Basically he took an old heresy and wrote a book that asked what if it was true?   Star Wars did the same thing with pantheism, but nobody picketed the movie.  Anyway…I thought it was an OK book, but I wonder if it would have gained such prominence if Christians would have just ignored it.  Their propaganda probably fueled sales.


Anyway I got to read over the weekend and that is always a good thing.  I think the AC just kicked in.


Over and out.

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  1. Much to do about nothing ? Drama, drama, drama…for some people, life just isn’t REAL enough I guess. 😛

  2. I think many Christians don’t understand the concept of FICTION… it’s not REAL… it’s just a story…I’ve not read The DaVinci Code… not out of protest, but lack of interest. I still have a stack of books that I want to read before I would add that one.:) Glad you had a relaxing holiday!

  3. The big difference between the Star Wars approach and the Da Vinci Code is that Dan Brown actually talks about Jesus. We’re ok with heresy so long as it doesn’t twist our sacred orthodox beliefs. It’s why we’re more or less ok with all the sex and violence on TV (which I think Jesus might take issue with) but we get upset with someone who uses Jesus’ name in a way we don’t approve of. I think it’s one of those hypcrosies we don’t like to talk about. (I include myself because I’m probably guiltier than most… Is guiltier a word?)

  4. Heresy sells. Gnosticism in its varied packages attracts people because it’s anti-authoritarian and feels forbidden and special, kind of like joining a secret society. It’s got the same appeal as the X Files, though I’m less interested in Dan Brown than in Scully and Mulder because the plots they function within are usually better. I’m with Judi–it’s fiction, folks. And I’m with Ben–conservative Christians gave *The DaVinci Code* too much free publicity.

  5. I read the Da Vinci Code last summer. It was a great quick read when I was relaxing at the beach. Were my beliefs suddenly changed? No. I think that what motivated all of the calls for boycotts etc is that too much of Western Christianity is surface Christianity. We are Christians by name, but don’t really know what it is we say we uphold. It’s scary when people of other faiths know our bible and what we believe better than the average Christian.

  6. Jon, ouch! You had to bring up the personal holiness thing. (look away…these aren’t the droids you are looking for) That is a whole other blog entry. But suffice to say my entertainment choices would not pass the WWJW test. I think it is interesting angle. One movie/book/tv does not destroy faith, but what is the corrosive effect of a constant diet of sex, murder and blasphemy? Definitely a whole other blog entry. Stay posted.

  7. I missed the blasphemy in the OT. Found the other stuff though. In one of my day dreams, I’m a film producer that just decides to do OT stories. I’m fairly sure it would do pretty well with today’s audiences if left unedited. (On that note, I will probably never preach on Ezekial 23:20 – disclaimer – only look this one up if you are not easily offended) 🙂

  8. To all of you that have read the DaVinci Code, how does it feel to be going to hell for a dime novel? Was it worth it?
    I can’t believe the number of times I have seen Christians duped into thinking that some book or event or movie or whatever was going to either hugely damage Christianity, or hugely impact the world for Christ. I remember in college, when the world peace day or something like that came along. Some people (Christians) were all for it thinking it would change the world and bring peace, others were sure it was heralding the arrival of the apocalypse. I wish I could say I sat back and laughed, but unfortunately, being a stupid 18 year old I got sucked in. Running around in the back of my mind was the possibility that this could be it. The big one, the start of the tribulation, the beginning of the end. As you can imagine the day came and went without much hoohah other than the people in the stadium singing the same hymns as the protesters outside the stadium (that was humorous). I realized that the poor puny machinations of we antlike creatures can’t really affect God’s plans. If we want to have an impact, then we need to be following God and appropriating His power, then a difference will be made. I think it must drive Him *nuts* when we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off screaming about this or that, and not following His plan.

    Oh and in the Berha Better-than-You category, I just couldn’t hack the sex and violence thing, so my family and I no longer watch TV. I gotta tell you, I don’t miss it. I really don’t. There is so much to do, and we all have a much better time without it. I would strongly advise everyone to plan a month of no TV, you will be amazed. At first you have to come up with things to do, but within a week or two, you just have so much to do, you really don’t think about it. It’s been good for my kids, their reading, my marriage, and our health. Even if there wasn’t sex and violence I would still recommend it. Get a LIFE!

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