So I am in a much better mood today.  I even adopted a plant from the mean person I worked with who got fired a couple weeks back, kind of a trophy.  I think all living things should have a name.  The cold virus I had last winter…collectively I called it Stan. 


So help me name my plant.

By Ben Posted in Life

18 comments on “Betty?

  1. It would be handy to have a name that provides enjoyment when others come in the room. Name it “Scum-sucking pile of buzzard puke.” A coworker walks in you can say “Hello scum-sucking pile of buzzard puke” and when they get offended you can say “Oh, I was talking to my plant. That is his name.”

  2. Call it “spindulosa caribundum,” and when someone asks if that’s its genus and species, say, “No, but that’s what the aliens told me to call it.”

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