I\'m too sexy for this blog

July is going to be a busy month for me.  Three of my projects are due to be shipped by months end.  I am sure one or more of them will spill into August.  I know I use an inordinate amount of my blog to whine about my life, but really my life is not that bad.  Not Rwanda or Darfur bad, it is just stressful.  It seems that every time the personal stress lets up, the work stress ratchets up.  Sometimes both seem overwhelming. 


For the most part, I am able to deal with it.  But long term I do worry about my health.  I am 100 pounds overweight, I eat badly, I have high blood pressure, and I have stress.  Unfortunately stress makes me lethargic, which compounds the other problems. 


I need Puppy Uppers, but it feels like I am on Doggy Downers. 

By Ben Posted in Life

11 comments on “I\'m too sexy for this blog

  1. first of all… that picture… ow!oW!OW!!! And whatever that is that he(?)… she(?)… they(?)… let’s just say “Pat”… is sitting on… well, since they used a sheet to cover up the vitals, I’m assuming the vitals aren’t covered by anything else. ewewewewew!!!! I hope they threw the furniture away afterwards!!!

    Life makes me lethargic. But I decided to start walking the kids home from summer school. Yesterday was the first day. It’s only a mile away, and the walk TO the school was easy; that is all downhill. The walk home, all uphill, has left me sore today. I’m not walking them today, because with every step I take, I’m chanting, “My…ass…is…sore…My…ass…is…sore…” Exercise is NOT all it’s cracked up to be!

    Laughter is the key to surviving stress, I’m sure!

  2. Hey, sounds like me except that my stress is different and probably lower. Still, does this motivate me to change? No, it motivates me to compensate with other behaviors that are not bad in themselves (reading, lots and lots of reading) but that do not specifically address the issues.

    And I wonder if stressing about making changes might be counterproductive. More stress about *anything* might be a bad idea.

    Am trying a new approach: Change one thing. Pick one important thing, not necessarily the most important, and change it. This apporach is manageable and might make a positive difference. My change is trying to get regular exercise in the least obtrusive way possible (usually walking for at least 30 minutes). Too early to tell how this will go.

    You’ve got a lot on your plate and that’s been true for years. I’d think *not whining* would be a bad sign.

  3. Craig is exercising? wow! I must be pathetic! Still every step I take… sore…ass…sore…ass…sore…ass! Those muscles don’t LIKE exercise!!!

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