That was a close one.

They wanted to admit Ethan to the hospital again today.  His surgical site is leaking again.  He is going to have an MRI Wednesday morning at 7:00am.  But if they admitted him, he could have it tomorrow at 1:00pm.  We told them thanks, we will wait at home. 


I had to take yet another vacation day off work.  And given Friday’s event I know they think I am faking it.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.  They are going to think what they are going to think.


I need a Total Recall vacation.

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6 comments on “That was a close one.

  1. I’m praying for you and your family, Ben. I know what it’s like to battle an insensitive, common sensically challenged system. I have a song I want to share with you but have no idea how to do it. I want to put it on my blog. (she wonders off to see if she can figure it out.) Is it actually possible?

    Anyway, don’t forget to breath. Remember, you and your family are held in prayer.

  2. If you see a nuclear mushroom cloud off in the west, you’ll know it was me applying my technical proess… 😛

  3. The lyrics are great. Tried to buy it on Walmart online. I guess it did not meet their McMusic view of the world. I’ll find it somewhere. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  4. Ok, now we all want to know what the song is!

    Invite them to attend the MRI, so they can enjoy the fun. 3 years ago I was sick and having tests left and right, and ran into a similar thing. I had my wife take pictures of me getting an ultrasound of my gallbladder.

    It was sort of fun to offer to show it to people. Not many takers, but they backed off after that.

    We will continue to pray for you, I am glad that you are a Christian, at least I know that God is there for you. I wish I could be there to help out.
    My father-in-law used to always tell me about a verse that he prayed for me, about God justifying us, and that those that talk bad about us being ashamed, I will find that verse and pray it for you, that things would be better at work. One more thing you don’t need. Sorry.

  5. Yeah, that’s the plan–invite them to a medical procedure. If they even hint at doing anything to you at work, you’ve got a successful lawsuit (tons of documentation and a cute, articulate little boy in the room).

    You remain in my prayers. How’s the weather there?

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