Entry for June 24, 2006 (11 and counting)

Today is Jenn and my 11th anniversary.  We choose not to celebrate today.  We threw Ethan a birthday party today because things were just too crazy the day of his actual birthday.  We will celebrate next Saturday if we are not in the ER.  (Not that I expect to be in the ER, but I typically end up there once every other month.  I could be an intern for all the time I have spent in hospitals of late.  (Sidebar the infection seems to be abating but the explosive D is not gone yet))


We had a small party with 4 kids from two families.  It was nice and intimate and Ethan had a ball.  One of his gifts was a Perfection game.  I amazed our guest by singing the entire jingle from the 1980s.  I could type them out here, but that would prove nothing.  Just trust me, my brain captures worthless trivia like a bear trap.  Jingles in particular never leave me.  I can recall jingles from when I was Ethan’s age.  When I was AG, I never needed a hymnal for church.  When I became a Methodist it was a weird experience at first because there was not a lot of crossover in standards and they do not sing the same song as frequently.  10 years in, I rarely need a hymnal again.  All the new Jesus jingles are safely stored.  One thing I find funny is that most pastors still read the liturgies.  Not me.  I have my part and their part memorized too.


All that to say I have one niche of memory that is rock solid.  Names on the other hand are a huge struggle for me.  I forget most names within 15 seconds of hearing them.  Jenn teaches choir one night and knows all of her students’ names the first night.  I call half the people we know ole-what-there-name…you know the one with the hair???  I also cannot spell to save my life.  I write 95% of my blogs in Word so that I can spell check them prior to posting.  I bet you could tell when I blogged from the hospital.  I had to use my Blackberry…no spell check.


Tis just a bit more insight into the weirdness that is me.  Good night all.

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4 comments on “Entry for June 24, 2006 (11 and counting)

  1. You are the jingle meister; I’ve seen and heard this talent in action.

    Interesting about the Methodist hymnal, with which I’m struggling sometimes–yes, some of the songs are the same as in the A/G, but they’re often performed differently (i.e., without any rhythm whatsoever). Some are standard hymns that I’ve heard before once or twice, though not A/G favorites. But so many are of recent vintage, are structured strangely (for example, starting with the chorus, and all the verses interact with the chorus when they reach it in an unnatural and possibly incestuous way), and are hard to remember when sung only once or twice a year. It’s a damnably vast hymnal. Finally, some of the recent hymns are so smarmy that even I, peace lover that I am, get green in the face.

    Well, *that* turned into a bit of a rant.

    Happy late Ethan birthday and on-time Ben/Jenn anniversary.

  2. Happy aniversary!!! I am the same way about people’s names. Oh and movies…my boys tease me cause when I’m trying to tell someone about a movie I’ve just seen I often end up saying something like …”hey, have you seen that new movie, you know, the one with that guy ? ”

    But I can hear a song once and sound it out on the piano and remember it forever. Weird how our brains work…or don’t. 😛

  3. Happy ‘versary. Judi’s and mine is today. We should all do something together. Liquor and food, I’m thinking, should be involved. We’ll get a babysitter. Craig will watch them maybe.


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