Entry for June 23, 2006

I have had a lousy day.  I got chewed out at work.  I am licking my wounds.

Nothing I can do about it but pray.  I know in my blogs it may seem as thought I am pissed at God.  That may be true, but I still love him.  I wish I did not have this pea brain and I could understand why the world works they way it does.  But I do have a pea brain so I get frustrated.

And so I pray.  I was looking for a CS Lewis quote to respond to a friends blog.  I stumbled on this quote from Shadowlands.  It is the best I can do to explain why I still pray.

I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God, it changes me.

Saying that God does not give you more than you can bear Image is a load of crap, in my book.  He gives you much more than you can handle alone.  The point is your NOT alone.

By Ben Posted in Life

5 comments on “Entry for June 23, 2006

  1. I’m sorry about your day. I love that Lewis quote. You’ve inspired me… I’m going to do some reading in C.S. Lewis. You’re absolutely right.

    And remember… better to get chewed out than chewed on at work.

  2. Some of the worst days I’ve ever had were days I was chewed out at work. Hasn’t happened often, but I don’t forget any of them. (Especially when undeserved.) I don’t have any words of comfort, but if I did, they would be similar to what you wrote yourself anyway. You’re not alone, and that means several things, one of which has to do with God.

  3. Big fan of Clive Staples here. Haven’t read nearly all of his books but I continue to be amazed at his keen insight and his common touch with explanations. I’m not sure that God gives us more than we can “bsre” but certainly more than we should “bare.” Couldn’t resist. I make typos, too, but that was a bit Freudian. LOL I can bear your complaints, but you need not bare your “load of crap.” d:c)

    Craig’s comment has me thinking. Dangerous, I know. This might be a test of how important our job is to us and how critical we feel that our function is. If we are more upset for an undeserved “chewing out” than a deserved one, then perhaps we do not view our function as very important. I don’t want to be chewed out because I know that I deserved it for not saving the child from a burning building. If my function is important, I’ll take the undeserved chewing any day. Big shoulders can make us at least appear noble.

    Oh well, the drugs are obviously kicking in. Time to pray and go to bed.

    Your fellow pea-brain, Nick

  4. I got chewed out once (well more than once) when I was coaching football by the head coach, in the middle of the game, in front of the my players, and in front of the our home stands. What made it worse was the fact that he was right, I wanted to crawl and hide under the nearest rock (which there are none, at least on most football fields).

    I love the quote from Lewis BTW!!

  5. The chewing out was not entirely without merit, but the incident was greatly exagerated. I blew some smoke in the project managers direction and he took it a bit too personally. My temper has been a bit hot of late. I wish I had better control of it (I cannot read the book of James without being convinced I am going straight to hell), but I have been under a great deal of stress. I have seriously considered asking for a demotion. There are jobs in my company that I could do with my eyes closed and I could work 40 hours a week. The job I currently hold probably needs someone who is a bit less volitile. I do not like the person I am becoming because of the stress. I will probably blog about this more in the future.

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