Blog Casserole

I have written and scrapped several blog entries today.  They were all too boring.  So here are the boring snippets.  Maybe in total the Reader’s Digest version will be interesting.  No promises.


I saw two movies over the weekend.  It was a pretty bizarre mixture if I do say so myself.  I saw Crash and X-Men.  Really it was a full course meal and candy.  I will leave it to you to guess the assignments.


So last night I was in a 3 ½ hour Church Council meeting.  I read a book for part of the meeting.


Father’s day was nice.  I am Ethan’s favorite parent of the week, but this is a very fickle distinction. 


I listen to Al Gore on Charlie Rose as I was falling asleep last night.  …nothing like listening to the apocalypse while you are dozing off.  Oh wait, there is no such thing as global warming.


I saw X-men with a friend on Sunday night.  We had a beer after the flick and talked about theology.  He is moving to Antwerp in a couple of months.  Welcome to DC…lets be friends…gotta move.


It is humid out.  I want to go back to Colorado where when the humidity is 40% people say it is muggy.


Two houses in my neighborhood are housing migrant workers.  Each house has had up to 20 people living in them.  Thankfully the county has busted them.


I have been walking at lunch lately.  I have lost about a pound, only 99 more to go.  My wedding ring no longer fits.


I have no energy, but I have endless plans.


Did I mention I hate insurance companies?


That is it for now.  Peace out.

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2 comments on “Blog Casserole

  1. After losing one pound, your wedding ring no longer fits??? Btw, in the years (13 as of June 26th) that I’ve been married, I’ve had my wedding ring re-sized 3 different times for various massive weight-loss, then later re-gained periods. The last time was after my surgery… then one of the stones fell out and I can’t wear it until it gets repaired. I think I’ve spent more time WITHOUT my wedding ring than with it in those 13 years!

  2. I should have said in spite of losing a pound. This is actually my second ring. The first is in the bottom of the potomic somewhere. It slipped of my hand when I was tubing. After a previous weight loss.

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