Crackpot Idea #46943

So I have been thinking about starting a Wesley Accountability Discipleship group at my church.  Basically it is a very intense small group where you keep accountable to a small number of like minded people.  I know the first thing that comes into a lot of people’s heads when they hear accountability groups is that it is going to be a syrupy bare your soul kind of heebee jeebe thingy.  That is not my goal.  But I do see a lot of value in getting together with a group of guy and trying to live my life in a more intentional manner.  So much of my life is taking life as it comes.  That is OK for some of the time, but I want more out of my life and faith.  Anyway I am going to try this out as an experiment at my church.  It may flop, but I think it could be really cool if it worked. 


Part of my Monday.  Peace out.

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7 comments on “Crackpot Idea #46943

  1. I’m pretty sure that you are WAY over 46943 crack pot ideas.

    The thing that stood out to me is the “small number of like minded people” part of that. I am pretty sure I could search for a long time and have trouble coming up with any number of like minded people!
    Seriously though, it sounds like a great idea. I am sure you have read the book “In His Steps” right? Sounds something like that. I continue to wish I had some people to meet with, but it is hard to find people that want more than just a breakfast club time. People who are willing to be challenged, and willing to challenge others. Good luck to you, I think if you can find the right people it will be a great thing.

  2. “Accountability group” in some churches is code for “admit your sexual fantasies and embezzlement daydreams.” Hope it’s not like that.

    My Methodist church does not have accountability groups as far as I know. Instead, we have “Tables of 8” (groups assigned more or less at random so you can get to know more people by meeting once a month, often for dinner). And all Americans have the IRS, a gigantic accountability group.

    By all means let us know how it goes.

  3. Thank you Craig for perfectly crystallizing my worst fear. lol I will be the first to start knocking heads if that happens.

  4. We just started similar groups in our church. Actually, we have just one at this time. It is the test group. We want to work out the kinks of how it will be presented etc. I write a synopsis of the sermon and then the passage from a couple different translations. Finally, I add a few possible questions to begin discussion. It has been great. I do believe that these will begin to grow. We already have several people asking to begin in one.

  5. IMO Accountability works only when I go to you and say, “Hey, will you hold me accountable here or here.” It has to be so voluntary for it be of any real value. I have been a part of numerous accountability groups and almost everyone of them has failed because of this reason. It has to have a very organic feel to it if it is going to work and a high trust factor among each other.

    I hope you have better success than I have had.

  6. I’m in! We had a good start in VA but Bob Evans wasn’t the place to get some real work done. Send me a phone # and I’ll conference in…Tennessee, out.

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