Theater of the Absurd

So we had a bit of salt in the wound yesterday.  In a bizarre way it is almost funny.  Give it a month and it will be funny.


So Jenn had to take Ethan to the allergist yesterday for his shots.  Normally he is quite the trooper and takes the injections without complaint.  Yesterday was not one of those days.  Because of all the medical voodoo that has been performed on him lately, he was…shall we say uncooperative.  He was yelling and screaming \”stop stop stop\” while Jenn held him down.  He thrashed his head and hit Jenn in the mouth.  Jenn has a crown on her front tooth and he shattered that sucker. 


I was already home when they got back.  It was about six.  I could tell something was up the moment they walked in the door.  Jenn had shall we say…a tone, when she told Ethan to go wash up for dinner.  I know that tone.  I hide when I hear that tone.


So needless to say it was not a happy night in the Roberts camp.  Jenn was really self conscious and Ethan was melancholy. 


Luckily Jenn got an appointment with a cosmetic dentist for Friday.  So at least my weekend is saved.  Like how I made it all about ME there at the end?  LOL

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5 comments on “Theater of the Absurd

  1. :0 I thought it was all about me !!! (the whole world thing) after all, hasn’t anyone heard my tantrum ??? “I want it all, I want it now and I want it my way.” And by dog you better not get in my way…:P

    Sorry to hear about the lost crown. Good thing it can be attended to quickly. It’s not in Ethan’s head is it? Does he get to put it under his pillow?

    I pray your family has an uneventful weekend !!! Hugs 😀

  2. nah, I’m the center of the known universe and all revolves around yours truly. The sooner everyone accepts this, the happier they… no… the happier I will be. Anyways, I hope that the procedure goes well tomorrow and that your son learns less destructive ways of fending off medical personell/parental units. Ironic really that all he would really have to do is say, “My parents and I are uninsured” and it would probably take care of his immediate concerns (although the long term health ones might then be in question). Hope the weekend goes well. Peace, Jon

  3. He’s five now. Five-year-olds are too *cool* for injections.

    To paraphrase Dilbert, I think it’s due to the fact that his spoo has too much fleem. And we *all* know what too much fleem will get you.


  4. Tell Jenn that this de-toothing will make for an excellent story at some future moment such as Ethan’s high school graduation party.

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